Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Professions Review - Alchemy

Well, it took me almost two months, but I finally got around to getting all my toons' fishing to 100. This means most of them would have made good headway into getting to 150 for Cooking. So, time to level Vis's fishing some more to get what I need... Well, maybe after I've gotten her mount...

While on the subject of Professions, just which profession is suitable for your toon?

Most long time players will tell you that to make money, double gathering professions (I prefer to pair either Mining or Herbalism with Skinning so that the node tracking doesn't clash, but if you're ok with that, Mining/Herbalism is cool as well) are the way to go. However, if you have sugar daddies (or mommies) to sponsor your leveling than money making isn't really all that pertinent.

Now, unless you are like me, who is endeavouring to have a toon with at least one of each profession, which ones are actually useful in terms of leveling and end-game?

One thing to keep in mind is to look at what each profession can offer the particular toon with that profession? What are the BOP items that each can offer, that makes it special and desirable?

I had originally wanted to write a whole monster article reviewing all the professions, but I realised that is just not going to work. So, we'll start slow and work our way through the rest...

While leveling, alchemy provides you with a variety of pots to make leveling easier, but doesn't actually do anything for you that money does not solve. Pots (especially Healing and Mana Pots) drop in fairly large numbers from mobs around the world and unless you are a melee class, you'll generally do alright with bandages and food.

The BOP items starts off with the Philisopher's Stone. What used to be a rock taking up space in your backpack is now a trinket with +5 to all stats. At a level where there is a distinct lack of available trinkets, this isn't too bad. Not game breaking, but a useful thing to have around.

At 350 Alchemy, you get to upgrade that to Alchemist's Stone. Depending on how much pots you consume, this could be decent or a bit of a waste, as you should have quite a number of more useful trinkets around, even if you are just looking at quest rewards.

Now, if you keep at your Shattered Suns Offensive reputation, at Exalted, you get to upgrade the Alchemist's Stone (with 375 Alchemy) to one of four versions, depending on which is beneficial to your toon (Assassin's, Guardian's, Redeemer's or Sorceror's). Now, these are quite nice, and might be worth grinding the rep for it, depending on the market for Nether Vortex on your server. Now, take into consideration that these trinkets are rivalling Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau drops, it's certainly worth getting them made.

The one thing is that for Druids, the trinkets are a bit more of a question mark. Part of their great utility is the boost to pots that it gives. Not being able to use pots (because you are in Bear/Cat/Tree/Bird form) means that utility is lost on you. However, the trinkets are still worth considering since the mats are really not that hard to farm/buy and outclass most of what you are able to get at this time.

Unfortunately, that's all the BOP goodness you are going to get.

Finally, Alchemy is also consistently one of the few crafting professions that can generate a healthy income. Even cutting edge raiders need pots and the AH is just so convenient some times. Transmutation of Primal Might is always good for a few gold as it is generally constantly in demand for other crafted goods. If you are lucky enough to 'discover' some of the more eagerly seeked receipes, then your cash reserves should be set.

While it does not offer as many BOP items as the rest, Alchemy is certainly worthwhile as a money-spinner, if nothing else than to save some time doing dailies.


lethal said...

Not being able to use pots (because you are in Bear/Cat/Tree/Bird form) means that utility is lost on you.

Pretty sure that Boomkins and Tree druids can use pots. It is only the ferals which can not.

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All your toons have 100 fishing? Just written a post on altoholics and sounds like you could do with reading it :) Its at Altoholics. Lemme know what you think=!

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